Thermal Transfer Ribbon

IMS Labels work closely with the world’s leading thermal transfer ribbon manufacturers to ensure customers are offered the very best quality ribbons matched to their specific needs. A full range of Wax, Wax/Resin and Resin ribbons, each with unique performance characteristics are available for both flat head and near edge printers.We have the experience to ensure that our customers use the correct ribbon for their label and specific application. Ask one of our team for more information.

All IMS Labels thermal transfer ribbons provide an excellent printing quality and are suitable for a variety of applications and printing requirements. Correct ribbon type selection coupled with tailored print media is key to consistent high quality print results. No one can offer these combinations better than IMS Labels. Our thermal transfer ribbons are available in the following types for both-flat head and near-edge printers:

Wax,Wax / Resin,Premium Resin

IMS Labels Wax thermal transfer ribbons are designed especially for standard applications and are formulated particularly for printing on many types of plain papers. These ribbons feature versatility and are commonly used in warehousing, shipping and distribution.

IMS Labels Wax-Resin thermal transfer ribbons feature excellent performance for various applications. This type of ribbons are designed for use mainly on coated papers and synthetic materials. Applications range from the food industry to outdoor use.

IMS Labels Premium Resin thermal transfer ribbons are engineered for high-tech, high-spec applications and environments. Mainly used where smudge and scratch resistance is important this grade is widely used in chemical and heat-resistant applications such as packing foils for hot processes, automotive, laboratory and pharmaceutical.

It is important to note that the most expensive thermal transfer ribbon may not necessarily give the best print result. The correct combination of ribbon selection married to tailored media and printer type / settings will always give the best result. IMS Labels can work with your organisation and achieve the best possible results. 

Please Contact Us for pricing and ordering information, or if you need any additional assistance finding the ideal ribbon for your application.